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Sickle Cell Patients, Families And Doctors Face A ‘Fight For Everything’

CHICAGO — The day before his 30th birthday, Marqus Valentine was in a panic. “I was so scared for midnight to come rolling around because subconsciously I was like, ‘This is it. Tomorrow’s my last day on Earth,’” he said.

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Sickle Cell Patients Suffer Discrimination, Poor Care — And Shorter Lives

For more than a year, NeDina Brocks-Capla avoided one room in her large, brightly colored San Francisco house — the bathroom on the second floor.

“It was really hard to bathe in here, and I found myself not wanting to touch the walls,” she explained. The bathroom is where Brocks-Capla’s son Kareem Jones died in 2013 at age 36, from sickle cell disease.

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National Sickle Cell month is recognized every September to acknowledge sickle cell disease (SCD) as an important health priority and to raise awareness and support for patients and families affected. In recognition of National Sickle Cell Month and to help educate and empower SCD patients and caretakers, Hilton Publishing is run­ning this special limited-time offer now through September 30th, 2017.

To take advantage of this offer you can either contact Hilton Publishing at 219-922-4868 or respond to this e-mail.

HPC accepts checks, credit cards, and POs (net 30). If paying by check please make the check out to Hilton Publishing, and mail the check to 1630 45th street Suite B101. Munster, IN 46321.

HPC is committed to promoting sickle cell education and our books are excellent resources for any sickle cell patient, caregiver, clinician, community health worker, nurse, doctor, care coordinator, and social worker.

Our sickle cell books contain updated lifesaving tips for sickle cell patients and caregivers. Unlike other sickle cell books, our books are written in an easy to read format, and our books cover patients of any age.

What is the best tool for any parent with a small child recently diagnosed with sickle cell disease? For any patients ages six and up we offer the book Hope and Destiny Jr. and the companion workbook which helps children understand their journey with sickle cell. Hope and Destiny, 4th Edition book shares the latest information, treatment regimens and insights for patients and loved ones.My Sickle Cell Journal is a crucial tool that enables patients to chronicle their journey with the disease, helping them to have better communication with their healthcare professionals.

Our sickle cell books will help cut down on hospital visits by providing the patient with updated health tips, education and resources. By purchasing our sickle cell books you are enabling yourself or your patients to live a healthier and happier lives.

Purchase any of our top-selling sickle cell books individually for a special price. Additional Savings: Buy 1 copy of each book (5 books total) for only $55. That’s over 40% off.


Hope and Destiny, 4th Edition
$16.00 each List Price: $25.95

ISBN: 9780984756681 Aimed at patients ages 16+. Contains updated information on clinical research, medications, advances in transplant and gene therapy. Provides the most comprehensive education about sickle cell disease available today.


Hope & Destiny Jr.

$9.00 each  List Price: $17.95

ISBN: 9780976444312 softcover Aimed at patients ages 6-16. Written so that children can understand and learn about their special disease. The book discusses current treatment options and symptoms of sickle cell and how to reduce them. Provides tips on how to communicate frustrations and emotions associated with sickle cell.


Hope & Destiny Jr. Workbook
$8.50 each  List Price: $11.95

ISBN: 9780984756674 pocket-sized spiral-bound Aimed at patients ages 8+.  Our new journal helps sickle cell patients write about their thoughts and feelings and has been designed to serve as a useful tool for doctors by prompting patients to record medication side effects, personal experiences with the disease, and even questions they want to ask at their next office visit. Journaling is PROVEN to reduce stress, improve clarity of thoughts & have a positive impact on patient well-being!


SIckle What? 

$16.00 each  List Price: $17.95

ISBN: 9780990428374 spiral-bound Arms patients and parents of newly diagnosed children with the knowledge they need to understand and manage sickle cell disease. Sickle What? shows readers the importance of asking questions and communicating openly with doctors.


My Sickle Cell Journal
$15.00 each  
List Price: $19.95

ISBN: 9780990428336 softcover Aimed at patients ages 6-16.  This is the 48-page abridged version of our best-selling Hope and Destiny Jr. book. It contains new information for adolescent patients along with games that offer a fun way to learn about their special disease.

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